Friday, November 5, 2010

Been awhile...

So I had my surgery  the doctor found lots of adhesions and cut and removed them. For the 1st 2 days I thoughts wow I am getting better!

But I was wrong I am still in pain and I am so upset about it. It is so hard to having Mikayla look up at me with her arms up wanting me to pick her up and I can't because it hurts so bad it breaks my heart, I just feel like crying.

I had a follow up appointment with my OB/GYN and he is stumped he says that sometimes after having a c-section women have chronic pelvic pain,  I am one of them.

My options are limited I could see a pain doctor and end up on pain meds  for the rest of my life, or to have a hysterectomy,

We are going to be praying over this and hopefully we will know what to do soon.


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