Sunday, December 5, 2010

After Thanksgiving

So been very busy here lately we had a great Thanksgiving my mom came down was great I made almost everything all by myself, Ian made the pumpkin pie it was yummy! 

We have all are Christmas stuff up and ready was hard to decided what to put up and what not to sometimes it is hard living in a small space. Joey and Mikayla love the tree! Timmy, TJ and Ian put the ornaments on the tree. I put lights up in the front window. The children are so excited!!

I am still having pelvis pain and taking meds for it makes it hard to do things but God helps me all the time he is good. In the New Year I will end up have a hysterectomy, not what I want but I need this pain to go away. I want to get back to being able to play with my children!!

Joey and Mikayla had there well child checkups.

 Mikayla is 37in tall and 32lbs she has a huge head and the doctor was a little worried about that at first but he is not anymore. 

Joey is 28in long and 19lbs he has a big head too. Joey has a Spermatic cord hydrocele he had a u/s of it on Friday I hope they can fix it for him soon he sit lopsided and it is sore for him poor baby.


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