Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring cleaning

Every wonder why when cleaning you have to make a HUGE mess first? That is what we are doing right now cleaning, “spring cleaning” I guess you could call it. We are donating stuff we just do not use anymore and making more room for stuff we do use.

So far, we have gone through our entire book collection and let me tell you have many, three bookshelves full, five shelf bookshelves at that!  I organized all them with the help of Ian; we sadly had to get rid of a few that were very torn.

We are putting our school reading books on them and getting ready for next school year already, we are going to be using a Switched - on Schoolhouse next year for Ian and Timber Doodle Kindergarten for TJ, I will be doing pre-school with Timmy, Kayla will be doing Toddler stuff. Hoping to get Joey the baby kit but we have not yet.

Anyways back to the cleaning, going to be steam cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen next week. Sewing daily toy bags for the little’s to have a bag of “new” toys each day. 

I am praying over our new schedule so we can get things on track around here again not that things are not but I like have things very organized.


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