Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ohio woes

I really want to go I am so lonely in Ohio I have no friends here the only friends I have are my online friends and at times I feel they do not really think of me as a friend. We moved to Ohio from my hometown and my friends 4 years ago to live closer to Todd’s parents. We live about 2 hours from them; we see them maybe five times a year. It is sad really but it is how it is, both of our faults really.

When we first got to Ohio, we started going to a church called Grace Baptist church it is a huge church. It seemed like it may work, but after awhile we felt like we were just another face in the crowd and not really a part of the church so we left it. We start going to New life Baptist and it was wonderful a small church with our beliefs, everything  was great about it but it was far a 45-60 minute drive to get to it and with Ohio winters it makes it hard to get to it with a large family. Therefore, Todd decided we would not go anymore.

We have been without a church for too long I long to hear Gods word being preached, and for the church family we had. We all need to be going to church so bad, without church there is an emptiness that can only be filled by God and hearing his word.
For a long time I felt we needed to go back “home” New Mexico. We had a church and friends there, we could go back and everything would be the same right? Wrong the saying says you can never go back home and it is true. Our friends out there have changed and even though I tried to stay in contact with them, I really have not and they have not with me. 

When we move, again we pray it will be our last time and that we can start looking for our house we will make roots in the house we will live in until our time here is done, and we go to Heaven our forever home.

We want to move to a homeschool friendly state, to be able to be close to a good Fundamental Independent King James Version Baptist Church (FIKJVBC), and have country living that I have always wanted, chickens goats, sheep you know a small farm… Not too much to ask for right? Well it is ion Gods hands, I wait, and I am ready!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling lonely. I wish I could give you a huge hug right now!

As for your online friends, I can say, honestly, I THINK OF YOU AS A DEAR FRIEND. You are an inspiration to me.

Best wishes in reaching your goals!

Kelly said...

Big online smooch from an online friend. I couldn't imagine living far away from my family :( God will make everything work out.

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