Monday, December 6, 2010

Things to do

There are a few things I would like to get done before Christmas and here they are
·         Go shopping as a family and by gift exchange gifts
o   We have been with a large family so each year we have the children draw a name from a hat and they get to buy a gift for that person something small that the person they got asked for. It is fun and by doing this they all get the warm feeling you get from buying and giving a gift to a loved one it is great!
·         Finish up our shopping for the kids
o   Need to get two things for Shannon, TJ, Maya, Mikayla and Joey. One for Ian and Timmy is bought for.
·         Wrap all this gifts
o   This is a lot of work… see my mom had her gifts for the kids sent here so I have to wrap them plus the ones from us!
·         Make cookies
o   I have not even started yet! I would like to make some for the kids to frost and then some that are not frosted too.
·         Ginger bread houses
o   We make yearly ginger bread houses the kids have great fun they are store bought. I want to make one myself this year, but not from a kit we will see if I can do that.
·         Christmas pics
o   I want to at least get Joeys pics hopefully I will get all the littles done

I am about out of my pain meds and my doctor is not getting back to me this may be a painful few weeks getting this stuff done. At least I have God to help me through it!


Cheyenne Cavell said...

I hope you arent in to much pain! I really hope I get to see the christmas pictures of the kids!!! And I havent even started buying christmas presents yet! It sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff planned for the kids!!


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